Monday, 19 March 2012

our little trip

So this past week myself and Liam went on a little trip to Edmonton/Stoney Plain and I was excited and nervous as this was Liam's first time on a plane, plus my husband would not be there...but Liam did fantastic on the plane both times and did not cry or act out once...which for Liam this must be a record or something...The trip it self was mostly awesome, My lovely son has never been much of a sleeper...I was always told babies sleep a lot but when my son was born there was little to no sleep going on and fast forward to now and Liam can stay up later than me...other than the lack of naps and sleep we had fun and met some family we have never met before and celebrated my great aunts 100th birthday!!!! We also got to catch up with family we have not seen in a while, my fave aunt was there and we have more of a mother-daughter relationship and she is more involved in my life then my actual mother (that's a post for some other time though) and it was really nice to see have much she loves Liam and he her.  The next time my husband must come its amazing how much he does with out being asked and i really missed him, as did for some pics,

getting ready for his first plane adventure
Liam got an awesome early birthday present from  my aunt...a new to him train set which he loves so much

a pirate ship...liam lost his mind

my cousin and his beautiful daughter, liam loved her so much, makes me think he will be an amazing big brother

 I think in my next post i will tell the story of Liam's birth...I have been thinking about it a lot lately and finally feel like i can talk about it without crying, so until next time, cheers, Natasha

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