Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Liam's birth story

So my baby is about to turn 3 on April Fool's day and I have been thinking a lot about his birth lately.  I am happy to say that Liam was a planned baby...but i thought it would take a little longer to conceive i was pretty surprised 3 weeks before I married my husband we found out we were expecting...We were so excited...though I was extremely sick throughout my pregnancy, right up until the end...I HATE going to the doctors and I was less then thrilled to start going every 2 weeks...but I sucked it up and found a doctor, who accused me of being an alcoholic because I had one glass of wine and he suggested that i stop drinking, I felt needless to say we switched immediately and found a wonderful doctor who prescribed medicine to help with the 24/7 sickness...but after a couple of visits he switched us to another doctor since he was going to be on vacation for over a with our 3rd doctor she set up our first ultrasound and that's where we found out we were having our baby boy and that he was healthy and thriving...we kept going to the doctor regularly and then had our second ultrasound on Feb. 2/2009...the ultrasound tech said Liam was already weighing about 7 and half pounds and said our due date should be around Feb. 27 ish...our family doctor had said around march i was excited to evict him sooner than I thought.  At this point i was huge and so uncomfortable...I couldn't sleep and had the worst heartburn ever, even water made it right after this we went to see the man who was supposed to deliver Liam...he took one look, and I mean look and pushed my due date back to March 20th...i was not happy since he never checked me to see if i was we went back to our family doctor and she was mad that I was not seeing this other doctor once a week so she took over everything...March 20th came and went and there was no sign of Liam...the monday before Liam was born i started to maybe feel like i was in labour, i was cramping and super uncomfortable, but by 11 pm it had stopped, so my husband called the nurses station and they said bring me in immediately since i was so overdue and no one was doing anything...i was not even dilated, but they determined i should have had Liam 3 weeks before at i was induced and had a long and painful labour that felt as if it was not going wednesday morning finally came and my epidural was pretty much turned off since i couldn't feel anything...and i tried with all my mite to push this child out...the nurses with me were horrible and made me feel as if i was not pushing on purpose and then when my heart rate started to go up and liams was going down, both at an alarming rate it was determined that i needed a c-section...I didn't care at this point, i was in so much pain i couldn't handle it anymore, plus i had not slept in more then 53 they were wheeling me down to surgery i overheard them complain about having to do an emergency c-section when they had 5 already planned...i was scared as it was and this did not help the matter, so finally they were ready for me and did a little pin prick test to see if i could feel anything, which i they put more epidural in and started to cut, which i could completely feel...i screamed so loud and started to cry so they put me out...they made my husband leave the room and the last thing i remember is them counting down from ten i made it 7 and then woke up an hour and a half later...the first thing i remember is being on my side and gripping the railing of the bed so hard it hurt...and the nurses (the same horrible ones as before) saying i was about to wake up...and the first thing i asked was "How much did he weigh?" not is he ok, cause I knew he was fine, he was kicking me on the operating table right before i was put husband laughed at me and said, wait for it, 11 pounds, 4 ounces...yikes...his head was to big to fit through my pelvis, which is why it hurt so much to push and why bad things could have happened if i had delivered naturally...i wasnt allowed to eat or drink anything and they kept testing me for diabetes because he was so big...Overall the experience of birth was the most horrible experience ever...i was treated like i was some unmarried teen mom who slept around and had no clue at life...but I finally had my beautiful baby boy and he was healthy and happy and the most beautiful thing i had ever seen...if we have another child we will not do it at that hospital or with those nurses...At first i felt almost guilty about not being able to have a natural birth and I had a former friend who made me feel equally guilty about it...but thats for another post later on...Liam's birth was eventful and scary and overwhelming and horrible and amazing all at the same time...
first picture...and yes the date is way wrong

he was mad that i changed him and got him into his jammies...too funny

look at that belly

  sorry for the long post, cheers, Natasha

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