Wednesday, 29 February 2012

a little about me

so one of my favorite blogs (harpers happenings) has one of those 10 things in which you answer 10 questions and then tell 10 random things about here goes...

1)  I did not grow up wanting to get married and having children, i never even pictured myself with either, and then i met my husband and my life changed...and now i adore my child and husband and cannot imagine life without them.

2)i am addicted to pinterest no seriously i need an intervention...

3) I am about to graduate from University and i have no clue how to feel or what to do, i feel some what numb and no one understands they all think i should be jumping for joy, especially since it took me 8 years to complete

4) My fave colors are purple and grey

5) I love to cook, and i am actually pretty good at it.

6) Most days i have no clue what i am doing as a mother and wife...i usually just wing it and hope for the best

7) i have no real close friends, i got ditched when i got married and had my son, i was among the first in my little group to do this and it still hurts me that this happened

8) i am obsessed with coffee.  In fact i am pretty sure i have more coffee then blood in my body, lol

9) I HATE talking on the phone.. no really i do, i just do not have time for hour long conversations

10) I am really sarcastic, even when i shouldn't be i am, it can get me into a lot of trouble sometimes.


1. have you ever met someone famous? yes Duff Mckagan from guns n roses, we danced it was awkward
2. what is your happiest childhood memory?camping with my best friend and her family and somehow ending up at a much fun and randomness
3. favorite album of all time? The Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack (from the 1988 Opera), so good
4. are you a salty or sweet lover? sweet, but really i like both, together
5. what is favorite guilty pleasure tv show or movie? friends, so good
6. describe your favorite sandwich. cream cheese, tomato, avocado, and some rye bread, so good
7. what was your first pet? a cat named patches
8. what is your biggest accomplishment thus far in life? my family and graduating
9. what is the first blog you started reading? harpers happenings
10. if you had to choose one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be? cheescake

this was fun, feel free to do one your self, cheers, Natasha

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

First Time

So i have never in my life thought that i would blog, ever!!! But lately i have been feeling sort of like maybe i could try this and maybe i will like it...My ultimate goal is for this blog to be a safe haven for parents to express ideas and opinions...I would like this blog to be a place where parents can feel that there is a place where someone else understands and does not judge...My motto in life and in parenting is that every parent makes the best choice for them and their family, and as long as they are happy and their children are growing into great little boys and girls then who am i to judge.
Even if no one ever reads this, i feel as if i can tell my story for me and one day let my children see who i was when they were growing up, cheers, Natasha