Tuesday, 24 April 2012

perfect days...

so finally the weather is cooperating with us which meant a lot of outside time this past weekend...only our weekend was sunday and monday...on sunday we spent the day with my mother in law and her friends and that evening a really good friend of mine came over and gave a liam a surprise late birthday present...but the best day was monday...we went to the park and for a nice long walk twice...Brad and i spent the afternoon sitting on our deck and seriously it was one of the best days ever...lots of sun (i already have quite the sunburn), lots of family time and lots of fun...how was your weekend?

cheers, Natasha

Monday, 16 April 2012

3 sucks...

...there I said it...wow does 3 make 2 look like fun...seriously, the attitude rivals that of a 15 year old girl...but at the same time it kind of rocks...Liam talks so much and wants to know everything, he is currently learning how to tell time...he is obsessed with clocks, always has been, but now he wants to know what time it is all the time...so funny

last weekend we had his 3rd birthday party...and he had so much fun, his 2 little best friends came over and they played and had fun, there was lots of candy, and cupcakes...a couple of meltdowns, especially when we sang happy birthday to him, he is not a fan of being the center of attention..he was spoiled, but that's ok he is only 3 once, lol

this past week our entire house was hit with the flu/the worst cold ever...we are all still feeling it, i got it the worst, as per usual, and it is no fun having to play with a 3 year old when all you want to do is sleep/vomit...it hit liam first he got a really bad fever and then a cough and then i was feeling fine and bam started to get violently sick...i feel ok now, mostly thanks to my husband who took care of liam saturday so I could sleep all day...:)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

things i have learned...

it seems lately on pinterest that there are a lot of little posts that are how to be kind to your kids, or how to raise them...or what to say to them so they grow up right (i have no clue what that even means)...but the thing is every child is different and what works for one doesn't work for the other...so these are some of the things that i have learned since becoming a mom...

1) not all babies sleep...i was told that all babies sleep all the time...apparently Liam did not get this message...he hates to sleep, and will fight sleep until he literally passes out...he can stay up way past his father and I...but i will get my revenge when he is a teenager ;)

2) Being a parent is harder than anyone will ever tell you...I'm not sure why, but it seems as if there is some unspoken rule about not telling the whole truth about having kids...seriously most days i want to rip my hair out and climb into a bottle of gin...believe me i love my son as much as someone can love their child...but seriously he is so full of energy and stamina that he just never stops and while he likes to help do the dishes and fold laundry getting him to clean up his own stuff is like pulling teeth, and recently we entered the "I hate you" stage...good times, my friends, good times

3) Sweats are the most amazing invention ever!!!

4) parents, especially other moms, are some of the most judge mental people ever!!! No one does it the same and as long as the child is being cared for who cares...I believe as moms it would nice if we could support each other and not judge or compare..

5) Children are disgusting...the spit, poop, pee, vomit, have snotty noses, which they will pick and wipe all over you, and do not care...and 9 out 10 times all this happens on the parent...

6) there is no greater feeling than when your child says to "I love you"

7) as a parent you cannot win, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't

8) when you become a parent it seems everyone has advice for you...even people who do not have children...i was once told that if i tired my child out more he would sleep better (this came from someone who has no children and has no clue what my son is like), here is the thing with Liam...we could spend all day running around and it will not help, and in fact make things worse as he will be overtired and even crazier and grumpier and just plain grouchy

9) as a parent you will be required to read the same story a million times, sing the same song a million times, play the same game a million times, watch the same movie a million times...all the while having a smile on your face

10) there is nothing harder or more wonderful then having a child...:)

what are some of the things that you have learned since becoming a parent?

cheers, Natasha

Sunday, 1 April 2012

he is 3...

So today my baby boy is 3...yes on April fool's day...we are giving him a little party next weekend and today decided to have just some family time with Liam...everything was going good until my mother randomly showed up...now we do not have a good or even ok relationship...and i can not stand  it when people randomly show up at my house, it makes me furious...and made our our lazy family day of celebrations stressful...today is about Liam and not her...how dare she come over...her excuse is that because we are moving soon she wont be able to see him that much...well as of right now she barely sees him...she even used to live with us and never saw him...she would be gone before he got up and wouldn't come home until hours after he was asleep...i just do not understand what she is thinking...it seems she only wants to be around him when it makes her look good...so thanks mother for taking a day that was meant to celebrate my son and making it all about you...she made it seem like we didn't care that it was his birthday, just because we didn't get a cake...what we did do was get him a little present and let him pick what he had for lunch today (hot dogs, goldfish crackers, and animal fruit snacks)...and then we rented a movie that he got to pick...so while we didn't get him a cake( he doesn't even like cake, yes he is a little weird, lol) he had a great day until then...he is not a big fan of hers and when she comes over he tells her to leave...oh well, today is about him and not her...

cheers, Natasha