Monday, 16 April 2012

3 sucks...

...there I said does 3 make 2 look like fun...seriously, the attitude rivals that of a 15 year old girl...but at the same time it kind of rocks...Liam talks so much and wants to know everything, he is currently learning how to tell time...he is obsessed with clocks, always has been, but now he wants to know what time it is all the funny

last weekend we had his 3rd birthday party...and he had so much fun, his 2 little best friends came over and they played and had fun, there was lots of candy, and cupcakes...a couple of meltdowns, especially when we sang happy birthday to him, he is not a fan of being the center of attention..he was spoiled, but that's ok he is only 3 once, lol

this past week our entire house was hit with the flu/the worst cold ever...we are all still feeling it, i got it the worst, as per usual, and it is no fun having to play with a 3 year old when all you want to do is sleep/ hit liam first he got a really bad fever and then a cough and then i was feeling fine and bam started to get violently sick...i feel ok now, mostly thanks to my husband who took care of liam saturday so I could sleep all day...:)

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