Monday, 12 March 2012

Celebrate good times

I passed my last exam!!! this means that I for sure get to graduate in June...I actually cried (tears of happiness) when I found was such a roller coaster to get to this has taken me 8 years to graduate...i dropped out over 4 years ago, with only 9 classes left and in that time i got married and had my son...but then in the spring of 2010 i was working at a job that i loathed and while i made decent money and could have stayed forever and would have moved up in the company, I decided to go back and finish school...and now here we are...:)

We (my husband and I) have decided to move British Columbia this summer...I am excited and nervous and anxious and scared and happy with this decision...B.C. has always felt like home to me and the family that we love the most resides there...Most of our friends and family here are not happy with our decision...they think we should stay and I really wish we had more of their support, oh well you can't win them all...:)

In a couple of days I am taking Liam to Edmonton for a few days to see some family...this is his first trip on a plane and he is pretty excited sometimes and has no interest at others...he actually asked if we could walk am nervous as well, I have no clue how he will do and he can be quite the brat when he sets his mind to it (I say that with all the love in the world, ;) )

I love this child so much, he is the funniest child ever and so loving

Liam is at a stage where he thinks that is no longer in need of a nap and this is the result...:)

have a good one, cheers Natasha

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