Friday, 4 May 2012

and we are out of here...

so it looks like the big move to B.C. happens at the end of June...I am sooooooo excited and soooooo nervous...2012 is going to be a big year for us...I am graduating, we are moving, and we have decided to try for another kid...i mean why not add to the awesomeness that is our family, lol...

this past week we took Liam to the park and within 5 minutes it was full on storming...but unlike the rest of the people there we stayed right until it started to hail...Liam loves playing in the rain, even if it is chilly out...he actually cried when we had to was so much fun

also this week one liam's best little friend (i maintain i am his bestest best friend right now) came over for the afternoon while his parents and brother had to go to the hospital...liam had so much fun and they held hands and ran through a field and played at the park, then had lunch, watched a movie and cuddled on the couch...they were so's neat to see how young children have no biases against cuddling and kissing each other...and how its fun to hold hands and run and cute...we will miss these types of afternoons when we move...

this weekend it is supposed to rain the whole time...nothing like a flea market to make things better...hopefully we find some good stuff...have a great weekend, cheers, Natasha

this is a rare photo...usually i take the pictures

so excited for the rain

so cute

cuddle buddies

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