Saturday, 19 May 2012

39 days and counting...

so we have 39 days until we move 2 provinces away and to a new life...i must say as each day goes by i get more and more excited and more and more nervous/anxious...i am excited to see what this change will bring us, but i am really going to miss my friends here...i suck at making new friends, i am usually pretty quiet at first...which usually is mistaken for shyness, but i like to read a situation and analyze things before i speak up...i am passionate about my beliefs and really do not mind debating them if i need to, but i am a big believer in first impressions and sometimes the first impression i get is not a comfortable one...oh well we will see what the countdown is on...make sure you come by to say goodbye before we leave!!!

cheers, Natasha

oh yeah i added a facebook page go and like it now, :)

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